I stole this from my friend Lillie. I've already made my long term goals and by making this goal it will help me keep one of those goals of needing to blog more.

Each week I will post

1 thing I love.
1 thing I want to change.
how I am going to change it. 

So starting today:

I love the way Peyton smiles whenever she sees Tavis. When he comes home from work or when he wakes up and comes out to the living room. It seriously melts my heart. He can always manage to get the biggest grins out of her. I knew the second she was born she had him wrapped around her tiny fingers, it was the look in his eyes at that moment.

One thing I SERIOUSLY need to change is my avoidance of housework. It is ridiculous. I will get up with Peyton at like 6 in the morning and we come out to watch TV and eat, then we will work on her development, with reading, playing and working out. (if she cooperates)The TV is on all day unless we go for a walk which we do almost everyday, and while we are out that's the only time it is off. Then while she is napping I will usually either work on my wedding planning business or just Facebook. Then Tavis will get home from work and I'll do dinner then it's our bed time. It's like I can always find an excuse.

I need to make a real schedule of daily tasks. And do one room a day. No more excuses I can't be lazy.

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