Day 1: A photo of you and how your day was

This is us today. 

Today was awesome I loved it. Started off pretty slow but i appreciated when I woke up from my nap and Tavis was making lunch for us. It was very cute and I loved it. Then a few hours later i got an amazing massage from my friend Leola, Oh my gosh it felt so good. I love her so much for doing it, and was so happy Peyton cooperated and slept through the massage too, haha. Then me and Tav went and checked this apartment close by and I fell in love with it. We are going to turn in an application tomorrow. And to top of our great day, we went on a great double date with Brandon and Ceason Elder. We went to Training Table for dinner and just sat there for like an hour and half after we were done just chatting, then we went to Fat Cats for 50/50 bowling and played 3 rounds. Brandon won all three. The first game was pretty close between Tavis and Brandon, but then he totally just kicked our butts the last two. During the second game Me and Ceason kept getting the exact same thing for the first 4 frames it was funny. I was bowling straight Granny's cause i just don't know how to bowl really and I did better with those than the way you are supposed to bowl haha. Anyway I still lost every game. I think my highest score was 67? haha yeah I suck. But yeah it was a great night and a great day. 

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