Days:17 and 18

I'm skipping Day 16 cause it's stupid and I did a post about Thanksgiving, so this is for Days 17 and 18.

Day 17: A photo of you and your family
Since becoming married I have three families so here are there pics.

First Me, Tavis, and Peyton in my belly :)

This is my family (My brother Casey, My Mom, My little sister Courtney, My Dad, Myself, Tavis & My older sister Jenn)

These are my in laws ( The brothers Tanner, Tylan, Trevon, Dad in law, Tavis, Myself, Mom in law, Sisters Tiana and Jenny)

Day 18: Something you crave a lot
Lately that would be fruit, any kind of fruit but mostly citrusy fruits... Yeah thats about all I crave right now.

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