Day 9-14: Sorry i'm running really late...

Day 9: A photo of the last thing you purchased
So i haven't really purchased anything except Groceries and i'm not going to share a pic of that with everyone hahaha.

Day 10: A photo of your favorite place to eat
We don't eat out often but this is one place we enjoy going alot...

Day 11: What is in your makeup bag
I don't have a makeup bag haha I rarely wear makeup so I guess I have a thing of eyeliner and a thing of lipgloss. Yep that is about all I carry on me.

Day 12: A photo of the town you live in.
Currently that would be Provo, Ut.

Day13: Your favorite musician
Currently my Fav band is The Bravery.
They just have awesome music that make me feel good. They also bring good memories.
Our First date was to a Bravery concert.

Day 14: A show you are currently addicted to.
This is the only of my fall shows that isn't frustrating the hell out off me so...

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