Our first family vacation [08.10-08.14]

Sorry this post is late

A few weeks ago Tavis, Peyton, and I had our first vacation has a family. We didn't do anything big. Basically Peyton and I went to meet up with Tavis who was working in Duchesne for the week. Tavis had already been gone for 2 weeks so we were really excited to see him. We got there late on Wednesday night so, Peyton and I saw daddy real fast then went and got a hotel room and went to bed. The next day Tavis didn't have to be to work til 5 that night so we spent the day walking around Duchesne. (If you haven't been there, all you need to know is there are no traffic lights, it's really small.) We spent some time walking around the booths set up at the county fair, and then enjoyed some time at Strawberry River. Which was located right behind the arena/ carnival area. Then Peyton and I went back to the hotel to nap, while Tavis got ready for work. Once Peyton was all napped up, we walked back over to the carnival and we let Peyton ride one of the kiddy rides and she loved it. More or less that was the end of Day 2.

Friday morning we packed up and went out to Starvation Reservoir to spend the day playing at the beach. Peyton loved it. It amazes me how much she loves water even when it is freezing water. When the evening rolled around we packed all our stuff back up and went back to the carnival. I was so excited when we got back one of my most favorite carnie families was there. The Fiechko's, Janelle, Levi, and their two kids. So Peyton and I spent the night with them. Then we found out that a room became available at the bed and breakfast, so we went back to the lake packed up our camping stuff (we had planned on camping), and went over to the B&B and pretty much passed out right then.

Saturday, Tavis had to work the full day, so it was just me and Peyton. We mostly just walked around the booths, hung out with the carnies, and when Tavis got a break we went and checked out the little petting zoo. After her afternoon nap, back at the fair, Tavis and I decided to spray Peyton's mohawk hot pink, It was so much fun. Tavis also took Peyton down the big inflatable slide and she loved that. I can't wait til she is bigger and can enjoy it more.

To end our awesome vacation we got to enjoy one of the most amazing fire work shows. My favorite part about my Duchesne trips is this because the set them up on top of the plateau, right behind the arena. It is really one of the most amazing firework shows.

All in all it was very exciting, and lots of fun.

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