Peyton is 9 months

Peyton turned 9 months on the 25th, and today we went to Peyton's 9 month well child check. Peyton now weighs 21 lbs 3.5 oz (86%), and she is 28.2 in long (72%). She is crawling, furniture cruising, walking while holding our fingers, is able to lower herself without support, but still has gotten standing on her own for very long.

9 things I love about my baby girl:

1- How she always wants to walk, but is afraid to do it herself.
2- The way she eats her baby food it always makes me laugh.
3- Her favorite person is daddy, she loves playing with him.
4- Her babbling, we have very funny conversations.
5- The way she knows what the camera is and what to do when it's pointed at her.
6- How she gives me this huge grin when I get her in the mornings from her crib.
7- On the rare occasion she cuddles with me, it's so adorable.
8- When she gets attitude and pouts her lip. OMG its so laughable.
9- Her curiosity, it makes me so happy, and i love love love it.

I love love love her. :-D

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